Crimes and harms to the environment involve a broad range of acts. The estimated combined ‘black market value’ of illegal fishing, illegal logging, waste dumping and wildlife trafficking matches and in some cases exceeds that of illegal revenues generated by counterfeiting, illicit drugs, prostitution and gambling. If we include other types of environmental threats and indirect costs, the financial impact of these illegal and harmful activities may even be far bigger. The International Conference on Environmental Crime and the Money aims to address the topic as broadly as possible. We invite papers on issues such as environmental crime markets, financial aspects of environmental threats, the proceeds of crime and money laundering, and environmental issues in the context of economic systems and production methods, as well as on indirect costs, such as the displacement of humans and fauna, and conflicts caused by environmental problems. The conference brings together academics and practitioners to exchange views, concepts, and research. It will highlight new ideas, theories, methods and findings in a wide range of research and applied areas relating to environmental crimes and harms. These topics will be discussed from the point of view of green criminology, sociology, law enforcement, community wellbeing, environmental activism, and victimology. There will be plenary sessions and topic oriented parallel sessions.
For questions about the conference, please contact Toine Spapens (a.c.spapens@tilburguniversity.edu).
For practical questions, please contact Emmy Bos (e.w.m.bos@tilburguniversity.edu).




The conference is organized by:

- Toine Spapens (Tilburg University, The Netherlands)

- Rob White (University of Tasmania, Australia)

- Wim Huisman (VU University, The Netherlands).


The conference is hosted by:
Tilburg University, The Netherlands





For those interested in the topic of environmental crime: EFFACE organises the public workshop 'Environmental crime in the EU: is there a need for further harmonisation?' in The Hague on 9 September 2015. For more details please visit http://efface.eu/public-workshop-environmental-crime-eu-there-need-further-harmonisation